Top 5 things to Know About Your Physical Therapy Evaluation:

July 20th, 2016

As a physical therapist, I know another evaluation from a healthcare provider can be overwhelming. Our job is simply to restore and improve your quality of life. You may be visiting us due to a recent surgery,pain dysfunction, decreased balance or falls, or vertigo. Whatever your diagnosis from your doctor may be, we are here to help you achieve your personal goals.

Here are a few top things to know about your first visit with us:

  • We review your medical history so make sure you note any key points. This includes providing a list of medications, recent or relevant surgeries, medical conditions, and symptom history. Write down key information about your medical history, even if it seems unrelated to the condition for which you are seeing the physical therapist.
  • We perform a detailed examination. Depending on your symptoms and condition, the physical therapist might evaluate your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, posture and gait quality. Your physical therapist might use his or her hands to examine or “palpate” the affected area or to perform a detailed examination of the mobility of your joints, muscles, and other tissues. Therefore, I suggest you dress comfortably.
  • No pain, no gain is NOT our motto. During the evaluation, some tests or assessment may provoke some symptoms, but be sure to let the physical therapist know. This information is important for the physical therapist to know for their assessment. During the treatment sessions, typically our goal is to exercise in a pain free range. Some patients that have diagnoses such as, a total knee replacement or a frozen shoulder, may have some discomfort to restore range of motion.
  • Ask Questions. Let us know of any questions or concerns you may have. We do a thorough evaluation so if you have any questions throughout the process please let us know.
  • We are goal oriented. We want to help you achieve your goals. Make sure to let us know what you want to accomplish from your time in therapy to make your treatment sessions more effective.

We look forward to working with our patients and helping them achieve their goals. Please let us know if you have any other questions.