Tennis Injury Program

Led by our Certified Tennis Professional, Jeff Reeves, MPT, TPT, CIDN.

FREE Tennis Pain Analysis
  • Get back to playing Pain-Free.
  • Avoid Surgery and Injections.
  • Less down time.
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Joint or muscle pain?

We can get you back on the court and feeling great again.


Neck or back pain can be serious. We can help determine if specialized Physical Therapy will get you back to 100%.

4 causes of back pain


The most common pain area for tennis players. Small changes in biomechanics can make a huge difference.


Tennis players can suffer from Tennis Elbow AND Golfer's Elbow. We can tell the difference and do the right treatment for fast, permanent relief.


Really common in female tennis players. Small changes in groundstroke technique may be all you need to get better.


Pain in the hip or pelvis is common and could be coming from the joints or muscles. We can tell the difference and start the correct treatment immediately for fast results.


Knee tennis problems can range from mild (tendinitis) to severe (torn ACL). We've seen them all and can tell you if something serious is going on.

Quad / hamstring

As we get older, these muscles can be more prone to injury. We can tell you whether you need to take a rest or can keep on playing while you're being treated.

Foot and Ankle

Our feet take a beating on hard court or clay. But even chronic pain like Achilles Tendinitis can get better quickly with the right treatment.

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A proven process that gets results. In a completely FREE report.

We spend the time to understand your pain.

Every person is different. So we listen to you to really understand your condition and how the pain is affecting you.

We identify the 3 main issues.

We write down for you the 3 main problems causing YOUR pain. We will explain if any other issues are part of the cause.

We give you the best plan. 

We teach you the first 3 things that need to be done to start feeling better. We find that everyone can make great improvement by focusing on the first 3 things.

We show you what you can do at home now.

Your FREE Report includes what you can do at home right now to help the process.

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Tennis Experts that you can trust.

We've been treating these kind of injuries for over 25 years! So we know what it takes to get you better. 

Chances are, you have friend or neighbor that we have treated in one of our 8 clinics.  

I have played tennis at the highest levels from touring around the world to playing on the big stage at Wimbledon and the Aussie Open.
After working with Jeff I was able to be pain-free for the first time in many years.
Reeves gets it.

— Coach Brett Custer.

"I can now play tennis at a higher level of performance."

" I had pain in my right knee from playing tennis. I selected STAR from prior treatment there.

I can now play tennis at a higher level of performance. The PT process was enjoyable as all the staff is very polite, helpful, friendly and effective."

Bill Magee

"I can now play pain free."

"I first came to STAR with a right shoulder injury. I couldn't lift my arm over my head without pain. As an avid tennis player, I try to play tennis a few times a week. After every time I played my shoulder would throb. I worked with Jeff and the team, and over time my shoulder got a lot better.

I can now play pain free. Jeff and I have started incorporating tennis performance in our sessions. We work on engaging muscles to protect the shoulder and be more explosive on the court. My serve speed has increased and my core is stronger. STAR is more than Physical Therapy. It's Sports Performance!"  

Nino Bonura

"I can now play a 2 hour match with minimal pain."

"Before coming to STAR PT, within minutes of starting a tennis match, my forearm and elbow would begin to have pain. I could only play for about an hour before the pain was severe enough to have me stop playing.

After being here six weeks my forearm and elbow have drastically improved. I can now play a 2 hour match with minimal pain. It's still not 100% but the light at the end of the tunnel is within sight."  

Brian Darr


We've got A's for your Q's

Will my insurance cover it?

The answer is almost always, "yes". We are in network with just about every insurance available. To find out for sure, CLICK HERE. Enter your info and we will get right back to you.

Will you work with my pro?

Yes. We work with (and have treated) the most prominent tennis pros in the area. If you want us to, we will include them in your plan so that your tennis team is working together for you.

What levels of tennis player do you treat?

The physical demands at different levels can all be very intense, for different reasons.
We understand this and treat players ranging from beginner to pro.

I hear Dry Needling is great. Do you do that?

Yes we do. But contrary to what you may find in other clinics, we feel Dry Needling is only about 10% of the solution.
We usually spend a lot more time training the body how to move correctly so that you get better faster.  

How long will it take me to get better?

Some patients are all fixed in one visit. Some take weeks and weeks. Our promise to you is that at least every 2 weeks you will notice improvement in your condition. So it won't take too long to be back to 100%.  

Where are you located?

Although we have 8 clinics in the area, we only offer our Tennis Injury Program in Covington. 340 Falconer Drive (behind Home Depot). Call (985) 893-2845.  

I've tried PT before. How is this different?

We've been voted Northshore's Best for 8 years for a few reasons. Our treatments go much deeper and really get to the cause rather than just temporarily addressing the symptoms. We frequently help patients that weren't able to get better at other clinics.

Ready to start getting better?

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