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Summer Runs

15 July, 2017

If you like to run like I do you’ve probably suffered with knee pain at some point in time throughout your journey.  Your mileage, speed and overall performance slowly diminishes with every run and you find yourself skipping those perfect summer days because of the pain.  Without a doubt running can be damaging to the

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Physical Therapy Following a Lower Extremity Amputation

12 July, 2017

Ashley G. George, DPT working with Arthur C. Spears, patient at the New Orleans East clinic There are approximately two million people currently living in the United States with a lower limb amputation. The majority of cases are caused by some form of trauma or from complications of vascular diseases like diabetes. An amputation can

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ALINE Orthotics

20 July, 2016

At STAR Physical Therapy we are glad to be helping our patients with Aline Orthotics. ALINE was founded to improve how people move from the ground up. We believe when we improve movement patterns, we can reduce injuries and reduce the need for surgeries. This Wall Street Journal article agrees. Wall Street Journal Sept.1 Bunions,

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