Thanks to Aline Orthotics, I walked around the whole zoo!

August 29th, 2017

We have been utilizing the Aline inserts at our New Orleans physical therapy offices for a few weeks now. Staff have been trained in what type of patients need to be assessed on the measuring device, and the patients that need Aline are loving it.

A couple of weeks ago I had a patient with pain in the outside of the ankle, just in front of and just below what you would call the “outside ankle bone” (lateral malleolus for you anatomy nerds).

One of her problems is that her arch muscles have weakened and so the entire foot has “collapsed”, giving her a fallen arch. With the arch flattened when she stands and walks, that rolls the foot inwards and causes that spot in front of the ankle one to compress and torque two bones together.

Yes we are working on strengthening her foot again. But that is a long term solution. She will not get strong enough anytime soon in her foot to be able to support her body weight without the foot collapsing. So for the next few months she will be wearing her Aline inserts until her foot gets strong again.

What we have found is that there is immediate relief when she wears the Aline Inserts. The support places her foot in the correct position and keeps those two bones from compressing on each other. She even commented in amazement, “I walked around the whole zoo without any foot pain!”. That’s pretty exciting for someone who has been in a lot of pain with every step for a few months.

If you have foot pain, ALINE Orthotics may help you too! Come by one of our New Orleans clinics for a free Aline Orthotics fitting.