October 14th, 2019


My name is Norman (almost 80) and I would like to tell you my story.

On or about May 1st, 2016 I was having back pain. My primary care physician sent me to a pain management physician. He sent me for an MRI and determined that I needed an epidural.

Several weeks after the epidural I was still in pain. I received another epidural that did not help either. The follow up appointment was with a physician’s assistant. He recommended a test to see if I need to have a nerves block.

I went immediately to Star Physical Therapy, where I met Jeff Reeves. I liked the facility and what Jeff had to say. Long story short. After only 5 treatments Jeff had me back on my feet and with virtually no pain.

Jeff released me with the understanding I would continue exercise. At that time I joined Star Gym and have been working out but I LOVE IT.

As a young man I worked out a lot but took a 55 year vacation. Now I am having fun trying to find that old well built guy I used to be.