Stay Strong Steps

When you join STAYSTRONG Plus, here is what happens:

  1. You receive some introductory forms to complete. test. This tells us about you: your goals, where you are right now, your interests, how you like to exercise, how often you like to exercise, etc.
  2. If you plan on exercising at home, we tell you what equipment you will need (there isn’t much).
  3. If you don’t have the equipment, you can find a list of the equipment needed on our “StayStrong Plus Starter” list on Amazon.com. You can choose which of this list you want to purchase through Amazon (or at your local sporting goods store).
  4. Once you have completed the introductory info, we create for you your first week’s exercise schedule. This shows you on your workout days, exactly what you should do.
  5. When you select a day on the App, it shows you all your exercises for that day, how to do them, how long to do them for and in what order.
  6. We give you access to all the information you need: how to eat, how to exercise, rules for rest, etc.
  7. We send you educational emails to make sure you know what you should be doing to get the results you want, fast.
  8. We send you each week’s exercise schedule at the end of the prior week.
  9. We track your progress every week and give you feedback.
  10. If you are not making the kind of progress toward your goals that we feel you should be making, you are able to purchase an additional one month In-Depth Analysis Package for only $59.95. In this package we review a 2 week food journal with you. We problem-solve to see what is preventing you from moving toward your goals. Then we lead you through some tweaks to get the results you want as fast as possible. Essentially we do everything we can do to help you meet all of your goals. Most people do not need this additional service.
  11. We are always available for guidance. Just message us through the App or reply to the emails.