Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly do I get when I join StayStrong Plus?

Basically, you get a Personal Fitness Coach who guides you in an individualized, proven exercise program to help you get the results you want.



We take time to understand your goals and your workout preferences.

You get dietary guidance. That’s right. We show you what to eat to reach your goals.

You are able to communicate with your Fitness Coach and your Physical Therapist (if you have one) at any time through the app or by email.

We track your progress to make sure you are reaching your goals.

We hold you accountable and encourage you by communicating with you through the app.

You get videos and instruction of every exercise you will do, so you know you are doing the exercises correctly. All right in your phone!

We do everything for you that you need to get in your best shape.


Can I do the workouts at home? Or do I have to go to a gym?

Either! On the program set up, you let us know your workout preferences. If you want to work out at home, you just check the boxes to let us know what equipment you have. We create the program for you.

If you don’t have any equipment at all at your home, you can get everything you need to do StayStrong Plus for around $450.

If you want to work out at a gym, that’s fine too. The workouts will obviously be different in a gym because you will have access to more equipment.


How many days a week do I have to work out?

Do you mean, “How many days a week do I GET to work out?”  🙂

One of the great things about StayStrong Plus is that you get to choose! Obviously you will get faster results if you work out more often. But even at 3 times a week (90 minutes total per week), you will still get a great result.


Am I locked in to a contract?

Nope. If you want to stop at any time, just let us know. No cancellation forms. Just message us through the App. Please allow 30 days for cancellations.


OK, this sounds pretty great. A great program. 30 minute workouts. Great support. I like the idea of something that is proven. But how much will all this cost?

Normally this kind of program would cost around $600 a month PLUS a gym membership. And you never really know what kind of a trainer you are going to get. There are all kinds of trainers out there, if you know what I mean.

StayStrong Plus is only $29.95 a month! But we can’t guarantee that it will stay at this price for long. Demand for StayStrong is very high. If you want to get started on reaching your best physique, you may want to lock in the price now.


What if I need a little extra coaching?

Sometimes we find that some people need extra help. We have to problem-solve

to see why they are struggling. Usually that requires doing a food journal for two weeks and then analyzing their eating habits. Sometimes it requires us reviewing how they are exercising in person. Or perhaps there are other factors that we need to uncover that are preventing goals from being met. If you ever need that kind of in-depth help, we work with you closely for up to a month, making sure you get on to perfect track. You would not need more than one month of that coaching at a time. It is only $59.95 for an additional one-month In Depth Coaching Package.


How experienced is the coach I will be working with?

You will be working with your Physical Therapist (if they directed you to the program) as well as one of our Fitness Coaches. The beauty of the program is that the coaches don’t just come up with their own program (that’s how people get hurt). They implement the StayStrong Plus program individualized to you. This is a proven program.

So the Fitness Coaches themselves are experienced in the StayStrong Plus program. The Physical Therapist is trained in the StayStrong Plus Program. AND there is oversight by our Training Managers watching over both of them and ensuring you get your results.

Three levels of Quality Control. That’s pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves!


How do I get started?

Go to www.starptclinics.com/staystrong  to learn more and to get started on Monday!

Want a little guidance? If you want to do your first few sessions with us in the clinic that is fine too! We are here to help make sure you reach your goals!