Slidell Balance and Dizziness Workshop Registration

FREE Balance and Dizziness Workshop

Learn how to feel better without medications.


Tuesday, July 23, 6:00 pm  

2306 Front Street, Suite 27, Slidell, LA 70458

You will learn:

* How your Balance System functions. * The single biggest mistake most people make - that makes it worse. * The most common causes of balance and dizziness - and how to find out which is yours. * The type of treatment that is best for your symptoms. * The first simple, safe exercise that helps most balance and dizziness problems. * We will demonstrate how hands-on techiques can make a big difference, FAST. ...and much more.  

Do you feel less steady than you used to?

Are you worried that you may fall one day (or have you already fallen)?

Do you sometimes find that the room seems to spin or sway?

Do you have to hold on to the cart in the store to feel balanced?

When you roll over in bed do you get dizzy?

Do you feel wobbly when the lights are out?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, the Balance and Dizziness Workshop could be a life-changing event for you!

See what others have said.

"I feel much stronger than I did when I first came to STAR PT. I also have more confidence standing without getting dizzy. The exercises given to me are ones that I feel confident to keep doing at home. 

 The team took care of me and was very kind and professional."  

Honoria Landry

"STAR PT is a place I would recommend to anyone needing Physical Therapy.  

The staff is wonderful and delivers what they say. My statement when I started was that I wanted to get rid of my walker and be able to walk on my own two feet. This happened just after four weeks of therapy! I now have the strength and balance I need to be comfortable without my walker. I had one on one scheduled appointments. When I left, it felt like leaving family. Thank you STAR and all of your wonderful staff members for helping me obtain my goal."  

Patricia Levy

"When I began PT at STAR for leg strengthening and dizziness, I struggled a lot. All of my Physical Therapists were so professional, focused on my specific needs and always gave me attention. I truly enjoyed coming every week and I now feel so good and strong. I highly recommend STAR to everyone. I love all the staff here and will miss coming. THANKS STAR!"  

Leanna Blackwell

Space is limited so don't delay.