Spine Program Covington, Folsom, Lacombe, New Orleans, Slidell & Mandeville, LA

Spine Program

The anatomy and treatment of the spine is extremely complex. Our Physical Therapists have extensive knowledge in the intricacies of spinal treatment. The marriage of computerized spinal strength equipment, manual techniques and an individual approach will give you your greatest likelihood of complete recovery.

Since PT is a medically based profession, these services are covered by most medical insurance plans with limited out of pocket costs. For those without insurance, we will create a personalized program for as little as $50 a month!

Have a physical therapist check your spine alignment and function every 6 months to ensure your back is moving how it should. Our physical therapists are experts in helping your back operate as it should, resulting in relieving back pain.

If you are suffering with backaches and pains, come in for a check-up sooner rather than later. Long term aches and pains can mean permanent damage is being done to your spine. Catching back pain early leads to a healthy spine for life! For more information, Contact us at Covington, Folsom, Lacombe, New Orleans, Slidell & Mandeville, LA centers