Balance Program Covington, Folsom, Lacombe, New Orleans, Slidell & Mandeville, LA

Balance Program

Your sense of balance comes from many different systems working together. The way that your brain uses information from different sources and then reacts is extremely complex.

There are 3 systems that we work with to get your balance back:

Visual System – the ability of your eyes and brain to help you know your posture and movement.

Somatosensory System – special sensors in your muscles, tendons, joints and skin that help your brain know how your body is positioned.

Vestibular System – Balance organs in your inner ear that tell the brain about movements and the position of your head.

Muscle Strength – you need sufficient strength to safely stay balanced.

Our physical therapist also help the brain utilize the information received from these systems so that the correct reactions occur.

If you feel dizzy, off balance, or have fallen, our physical therapist can help determine how well you are using these systems to keep your balance. We then instruct you in specific exercises to address the problem and get you back to functioning normally and safely.

Once you are back to being balanced, we give you a complimentary free month of fitness so that your balance stays good, hopefully for the rest of your life!

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