PHYSICAL THERAPY New Orleans Algiers, LA

Opening our doors in March 4th, 2019, STAR Physical Therapy is bringing the quality service we are known for to the Algiers community in the West Bank of New Orleans, LA!

We opened our New Orleans Algiers location in due to a high demand for quality physical therapy services in this area. This is now our third location in New Orleans and we are ecstatic to make it easier for the “Big Easy” to receive high quality physical therapy services.

So often we hear from our Physical Therapists in New Orleans, LA that the patients are amazing in this clinic. They are a diverse group and are so kind, polite and have a wonderful, happy approach to life.

The main focus of our approach in this location is our one-on-one care. We have quickly become known among the physicians in New Orleans for our caring approach and the time we spend with each of our patients. Our patients have a great time when they come to our physical therapy clinics, largely because of the joie de vie that our staff promotes.


Ravi Bates, MPT, Clinic Director

Ravi Bates

Ravi Bates, owner/partner, holds 12+ years experience in the field of physical therapy. His commitment to local community and passion for the growth and success of New Orleans has helped him better serve his patients over the years. Mr. Bates specializes in the treatment of orthopedic musculoskeletal conditions, spine and extremities. His “hands on approach” enables him to assess and implement the correct plan of care which is patient tailored to meet the best possible outcomes. Mr. Bates has completed continuing education coursework and certifications to learn a variety of techniques that help assist his patients including vestibular rehab, athletic taping, orthopedic manipulation, and most recently dry needling. Ravi Bates is married with three wonderful children and he enjoys golf and jogging in his free time.


In our New Orleans Algiers clinic we excel at treating the following types of conditions:


Back & Neck Pain

Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Problems

Balance and Dizziness

Hip and Knee Problems

Ankle and Foot Injuries

We utilize an individualized approach of hands-on, manual therapy as well as exercise based therapy.

Massage may be a key component of your care if there are muscular problems present. Also we will usually include stretching to help normalize posture, and strengthening to return normal stability.

Location Information:

4023 Behrman Place, Suite M-1
New Orleans, LA 70114

Ph: (504) 302 9177
Fax: (504) 302 9188