FREE Knee Pain Workshop

Learn how to feel better without medications, injections or surgery.


Thursday September 19th at 6:30 PM  

STAR Physical Therapy New Orleans East 5931 Bullard Avenue, Suite 6, New Orleans, LA 70128 

You will learn:

* How to know if YOU can heal Naturally. * The single biggest mistake most people make - that makes it worse. * The 6 most common causes of knee pain - and how to find out which is yours. * The 4 things that must be included in effective treatment. * The one, inexpensive treatment that you may have never heard about that could give lasting relief! * One simple thing you can do at home that helps most knee pain... ...and much more.  

Does it hurt to walk or jog for 15 minutes?

Is it getting harder to go up steps?

Are you having difficulty playing sports or exercising?

Are some household tasks becoming more difficult?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Knee Pain Workshop could be a life-changing event for you.

See what others have said.

"When I started, I needed a walker to get around. After a few weeks I was able to get around with a cane and I was feeling so much better. The therapists were always so helpful and upbeat. You could't help but feel better when you left. Thanks to all who aided in my recovery process."

Charlotte Rodriguez

“I was a broken soul upon arriving at STAR Physical Therapy following my medial meniscus surgery. The positive environment and energy of the staff set the conditions for me to make a full recovery. They coached me through the recovery process and my knee is stronger than it was pre-injury!”

Josh Davis

"I had both knees scoped. When I arrived for my first visit I could barely walk. Now I can walk the dogs with no trouble! PT has helped tremendously. The staff were always nice and friendly. They also made the experience fun. Thank you!"

Cosimo Macafore III

Space is limited so don't delay.