Many golfers experience back pain due to a lack of mobility

July 20th, 2016

Many golfers experience back pain due to a lack of mobility in the hips and lower back, and weakness in the lower back and core muscles. The golf swing is a highly complex and powerful motion. In order for the spine to adequately sustain the load placed upon it during the swing, it requires a balance of spinal mobility and stability, as well as adequate motor control to be able to generate the right amount of power to meet the physical demand that is placed on the body. If you are playing golf and you do have an existing known spinal injury, and play through the pain, it is likely that the pain will only continue to worsen, especially as your body tries to develop compensations which result in further inefficiencies of your mechanics. It is wise to consult with a Physical Therapist who is trained and experienced in assessing and evaluating functional movement patterns that may either put you at risk for injury or are exacerbating an existing injury. Upon identifying certain faulty movement patterns, the physical therapist can subsequently identify whether there are mobility dysfunctions vs stability/motor control dysfunctions, or both, and can therefore be specifically addressed. The ultimate goal is to be able to identify risk factors that may result in injury and to be educated on how to fix these impairments so that you can continue to play golf without injury and re-injury, and more importantly, maximize your golf potential.