Hoverboards and Physical Therapy

July 20th, 2016

Santa Claus decided to make therapist across the country busier this year. One word… HOVERBOARD! Most adults couldn’t resist the opportunity to be a kid again and unfortunately this came at a price. Wrist fractures, elbow trauma and even back pain are just some of the incidents this lovely toy has allowed adults to experience. So, why is it that my 8 year old can ride across the room and I can barely stand on it for 5 seconds without falling? One obvious reason is that most kids have no fear! Also, more importantly, their center of gravity is much lower than an adult which allows them to have a substantial advantage with maneuvering on hoverboards. I’m sure you might know someone, maybe a friend or family member who may not have had a pleasant experience on one. Hopefully they are doing better now. If not, it’s important you address those lingering bumps and bruises to make sure everything is okay. A simple screening by our physical therapists can help facilitate your recovery and get you back to feeling great. Contact STAR Physical Therapy today!