Dry Needling – It Takes What You Put

July 20th, 2016

When I would ask my grandmother how to make a particular dish for dinner, she would instruct on what to put into the dish. When I would ask how much of each item to use, she would reply “it takes what you put.” In the world of Physical Therapy here in Louisiana, there are no absolutes in treating patients; some patients need more or less manual therapy, modalities, therapeutic exercise etc. We utilize a number of interventions based on the needs and conditions of our patients.

One of the tools we are using at our Covington, Mandeville, Folsom and New Orleans Lakefront locations with great results is dry needling. Dry needling is similar to acupuncture but has some differences. We use very fine metal filaments (needles) inserted into the soft tissues of the body to help the body speed up healing. There are studies showing decreased inflammation within minutes after dry needling, changes in ph of the tissues and reduced muscle tension and pain. Is it for everyone? Not everyone- some are averse to the thought of having needles anywhere near them. We still have many other interventions to help you reach your maximum potential- “it takes what you put.”