FREE Arthritis Workshop

Learn how to feel better without more medications, injections or surgery.



Tuesday, October 1st at 6:30 PM Wednesday October 2nd at 10:00 AM  


STAR Physical Therapy and Fitness Center 

You will learn:

* The 5 questions that will reveal if YOU can feel better NATURALLY. * The 5 things that could be making your pain worse. And how to change each one. * How to find out the best approach to lessen YOUR pain. * The SINGLE BIGGEST MISTAKE that Arthritis sufferers make. * The 5 things that must be included in effective natural treatment. * 5 conditions that mimic arthritis. People are really surprised. * One inexensive treatment that can help so much. * A live demonstration ... ...and much more.  

Are your joints sore and stiff in the morning?

Are you sore if you do too much?

Is the pain making it hard to stay in shape? And you wonder what the inactivity may do to your overall health? 

Are work and household tasks becoming more difficult?

Do you want to avoid more medication or injections?  

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Arthritis Workshop could be a life changing event for you.

See what others have said.

"My experience with STAR has been great! Before PT my neck and back pain were limiting me from doing just about everything. Now I'm able to get back to all the things I enjoy and it's wonderful! I've also learned how to take care of myself in the gym. My thanks to all the staff!"

Melba Logan

"This year I requested to go back to STAR because I had a pain in my shoulder. The staff were right there, ready to guide me through all sorts of exercises that hit the spot. Now I'm better, feeling painless. Thanks to all of you for your dedicated service! "

Emma Sutis

"After seeing a decline in my quality of life, I came to STAR PT to rejuvenate and get in better shape. After 4 weeks I am stronger and able to move without pain. Prior to coming to STAR I had been dealing with moderate back pain for 3 months, with difficulty standing, sitting and getting up. The therapists here at STAR have helped me get back in shape. When the body slows, you need to take the time to address your problems. Don't stop and you will get back to living your best life."

Robert Prattini

Space is limited so don't delay.